Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Entry #1 - Triggering the thalamus

Okay, so I'm a little late in the game this year - it's almost the end of January and I'm just starting my new blog now..... but there we are, there we are, and here I am. In my new live/work space, working with a new, progressive gallery, with a new solo show coming up, and a boat load of opportunities. AND for the first time in a very long time - I don't feel all that lost. In fact, I'm starting to feel.......up-ish and hopeful-ly-ish.
It's been a struggle for me to shift gears - to change from being in a constant state of frustration and sadness to feeling clear and productive but I've decided to make an effort to rid myself of my own sadness and plant the phrase "brighter days" in my little thalamus and focus on what needs to be done to make the most of 2014 instead of letting my lackluster 2013 (and 1/2 lackluster 2012) envelop my every thought.
Brighter days, brighter days...that's gonna be my mantra.....when I start to feel upset or sad or frustrated or overwhelmed I am going to think my way to better, brighter, more productive days. 
The usual path my positive thoughts take.
The path my "brighter days" mantra is HOPEFULLY going to take -
 a comparatively straighter path to the thalamus and straight-ish towards developing
this year into what I want it to be.

Oh, check out my new website - 100s of pieces of work, pics of my studio and links to my Youtube vids and other links available at:

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