Monday, February 17, 2014

Entry #3 Brighter days = BUUUUUSY days!

Yikes-r pencils!!!! When I started the new blog I had all intention of sitting down and writing everyday....well, almost everyday, but so much has happened over the last few weeks there ain't been no time!

Let's go down the list of things that've changed recently:
  • Helped build my new website:
  • Am with new gallery - Cassandra Complex Gallery:
  • CCG has photographed work
  • Been helping to build and rework the CCG website:
  • Have solo show with CCG coming up Memorial Day weekend
  • Produced and submitted painting of Frida Kahlo to MOLAA (Museum of Latin American Art): 
  • Am planning new work for a brandy new restaurant that'll be featuring my work along with one other (very cool) artist

Things that haven't changed:
  • Still fat
  • Still 50
  • Still don't have enough time in the day
Now, it's time to get back to work. Must to paint.....MUST TO PAINT!

See the finished Frida on Facebook: 

Been battling this wee one for about 6 months...
I WILL finish this...
if it kills me.