Monday, April 7, 2014

Entry #5 - Say WHAAAAAAAT? It's APRIL?????

I cannot get over how quickly themonths have gone by this year! First, I thought winter would NEVER end and now, out of the blue, it's April and the sun is out again! And although there have been a number of downs, I have a few up too which has been major boon to my once very ragged emotional state -
  •  First: I was picked up by a new gallery... and dropped again - long story. Short version: I built their website out, added hundreds of pics and links and text but once the site was up and running successfully and the audience grew to hundreds of views a day, the gallery manager took over aaaaaaaannnnnd....... gutted it. Completely gutted it and turned it into a horrible mess. I expressed my sadness, asked when the "reorganization" would be done (bc I had to start promoting my show) which resulted in me being dropped. One month later, the site is still an utter and complete, unfortunate, useless train wreck and I am on to other things. A very, very sad situation but there we are.
  • Second: On the upside, within a week of being dropped, I was booked for 3 more shows in the NJ/NY area.
  • Third: I did NOT get the fellowship I'd applied for a couple months ago. The money was designed to be used for a large scale portrait show I've been working on. Again, sad but oh well.
  • Fourth: In response to all the no's, I started submitting work to venues and open calls. That's not something I've ever been completely comfortable doing but I'm doing it anyway - it's good exercise.
The most current submission was made to Jerry's Artarama self portrait contest - yes, it's cheesey ( and my entry could use another day or two) but it's good exercise and, if by some long shot, it ends up in their catalog, it would help boost my audience.

Now, for some reason, I thought Jerry's was a juried thing...turns out, it's not. Winners are based on votes made by facebook users - do a bro a solid and go vote:

If Alice Neel, R. Crumb  & Thomas Benton all got together
and made offspring ....this could be it. Say yes to the chest - vote:

Prior to Jerry's, I submitted work to the Providence Art Club & Silvermine in New Canaan, Ct. The Art Club held their annual open call -  because I'm afraid of being told "thanks but no thanks", I've made very little effort to apply to open calls but, I put on my big girl panties, and submitted one piece, "Melanie". To my shock, out of almost 200 entries, mine got in - I tend to think my stuff is a little too different for most venues so being accepted by the Art Club is a real boon.

"Melanie" - oil on acrylic and aerosol with oil crayon & marker on 48" x 48" canvas.
Prints available thru Saatchi Art Online: 

Still feeling victorious, I decided to take a major leap and submit for membership to the Silvermine Arts Center. Twice a year they accept submssions for membership - you are not guaranteed acceptance but IF I am accepted, I would be sharing a venue with the likes of the great Alice Neel. Whether I am invited to be a member or not, I'm submitting work to their 64th annual Northeast Exhibition.

Other ballsy/I'm feeling stronger projects:
  • My new website is done and running:
  • My graphic designer, Rafael Cuello is putting together a new portfolio presentation kit for me that includes a new brochure, new business card and new logo
  • and I'm working on new paintings for several shows book this summer & fall.
  • And, finally, I joined the Saatchi Art community - for the first time I can sell original work, prints and gallery wraps online!
So that's the low down but it's time to stop yamming get back to work!